A New XHeight Feature at Harlow Leisure Centre

Toward the end of last year, we were contacted by a Leisure Centre in Harlow, who wanted to make use and raise revenue from their under-used sports hall.

The centre wanted something profitable that would fit alongside their existing services of swimming pool, gym and other indoor courts. There was already a soft play area for younger ones, but they needed something that would attract people of all ages.

19 themes and 100’s of ways to conquer them!

Within this centre we installed 19 different themes making it a medium sized facility.

Rather than just having an average tiled flooring, they chose to be adventurous and were the first centre that had a coloured rubber safety surface installed (shown in the image below).

They were also our first centre to include the ‘Fireman rescue’ which incorporates sensory features users have to interact with. The majority of the themes were installed at a height of 7.5m; however ‘The race’ was manufactured at 10m in height to create a new challenge for their users.

Another feature they wanted to make challenging was their step tower, installed at 7m in height making it the largest step tower in the world inspiring users to reach new limits.

In order to personalise the centre for them, we created a logo climb specifically for their centre as a part of their branding. Finally a great attraction was manufactured for them of a double leap of faith bringing users something new to climbing.

Success Story

We were able to deliver to the leisure centre, exactly what they needed. It had to be something that would appeal to people of all ages. They were losing trade because of the gap in provision once children out-grew the soft play area. Now they are able to retain these customers as well as being attractive to a much broader range of users.

The XHeight facility complemented and enhanced their existing services. The flexibility of the themes and how they can be conquered, from complete beginners to experienced climbers ensures lots of return trade. And last but not least, the centre has seen an upturn in fortune and profitability.