The brilliant thing about caving systems and climbing walls is that you don’t necessarily need masses of space to install varied, interesting and challenging experiences that stand the test of time.

When is a wall not a wall?…. When it’s also a cave! We were approached by Pinnacle Climbing Centre to design, manufacture and install an artificial caving system. They wanted to make use of the unused space behind their climbing walls.

The cave was intended as an unsupervised activity and should have emergency exits located throughout and be designed over two levels. The centre already had a large client base of climbers and wanted to add a new activity into their facility to give users a new and innovative challenge.

This cave was a very challenging project for all involved due to the cave being built behind a climbing wall. This meant that space and accessibility were very limiting – part of the joy when you are inside a cave, but slightly different when you’re trying to install it!

The majority of the caving system had to be built on site and manufactured to fit each individual space exactly. It was built differently to our typical caves due to the small spaces. The construction consisted of a wooden sub frame with fibre glass internal skins to create the chambers, connected together with our standard CaveFast sections and larger fibre glass tunnels.

The tunnels were built slightly larger at 800mm compared to the cave fast which is 600mm, to provide less restricted access to the parts of the cave. The cave features consisted of multiple custom chambers, a ball pool sump, a squeeze, viewing window and 2 emergency exits that led out into the climbing wall.

We also included a stairway to clamber down, coming out of the squeeze and into one the chambers. Throughout the cave we included cave paintings and fossils to create an authentic look and give users features to explore.

The great thing about our caving systems, is that you don’t need much space to create them, as they can go up to different levels and weave around things