Appealing to people of all ages and abilities (school children, families, climbers, and people who want to explore and ‘have a go’), roped walls offer a safe but challenging alternative to climbing a real rock face outdoors.

Choose the construction that best fits your space and budget, from funky Tectonic Core shapes to Gaia Stone – the nearest thing to actual rock climbing indoors!

Roped climbing walls usually exceed 4 metres in height and are either top-roping walls, leading walls or most commonly, a mixture of the two. A top-roped wall has a rope fixed in position, attached to the wall at a belay point at the top. A leading wall contains safety points for a climber to attach a rope to as they climb to the top. A roped wall can include any number of different features – from gentle slabs to steep vertical walls and overhangs.

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An Outdoor Experience, Inside

With a climbing wall, the routes are designed in a way that gives the climber the same kind of experience as climbing outdoors. The routes can be graded in terms of difficulty, allowing the novice to work their way up from relatively easy climbs, to routes that are much more challenging. Our skilled technicians can craft and design your wall to suit any ability – from complete beginner to elite athlete. We design walls with maximum flexibility so that challenges and routes can be changed regularly.

Fantastic for building confidence and skills, indoor climbing walls have become even more popular with schools due to NICAS and the GCSE P.E. Assessment.


The size of the designated location and your budget are the two key factors to consider when developing your system.

Our designers can tailor the perfect roped climbing wall system for your location and will work very closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. Call us on +44 (0) 1274 510 448, email or fill out our contact form on this page to start the conversation.