Hangfast’s Flight Tower is designed to provide epic adventures and team-building opportunities. Powered by Headrush Technologies the tower provides multiple revenue points through a vast array of challenges guaranteed to thrill customers.

The Flight Tower offers adventurers a variety of appealing methods through which to reach the ground below. Depending on their appetite for excitement users can abseil, zip-line, and jump off the structure from various heights enabling them to experience a diverse range of thrills and providing an action packed day of fun.


Adventurers can enjoy a 13m challenging rock climb up the tower, with multiple different routes to the top, or for those who just can’t wait to spread their wings or have already fully experienced the climb, a series of staircases lead users to the different challenges.

Each challenge provided is diverse and exhilarating, and the sheer number of activities means users can easily spend several hours immersed in the adventure of a lifetime that is The Flight Tower.

The numerous revenue points and advanced fast-reset equipment leading to higher throughput also means an increase to your bottom line.

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The size of the designated location and your budget are the two key factors to consider when developing your system.

Our designers can tailor the perfect epic adventure system for your location and will work very closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. Call us on 01274 510 448, email info@hangfastadventure.com or fill out our contact form on this page to start the conversation.