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Climbing Wall

13m high challenging climbing wall. The walls’ surface replicates that of actual rock and is equipped with climbing holds. The width of the wall allows for multiple different climbs to be undertaken, providing differing and exciting ascents. The climbing experience is aided by state of the art auto-belay devices.

Flight Tower Challenges
Flight Tower Challenges


Using a zipSTOP line break, a self-regulating magnetic braking system, adventurers can experience a truly stimulating ride to the ground at an angle of 45 degrees. Breathtaking speeds will lead to maximum excitement for users and the zipSTOP ensures a comfortable ride automatically resetting for the next rider to maximise throughput.


Using a self-regulating braking system, the TRUEBLUE adjusts automatically to suit the weight of the adventurer and has minimal variation in the descent rates of different weight of users. Teamed with a zip-line this allows for users to soar from the tower and experience a graceful journey to the ground.

Instructional Abseiling

From atop the climbing wall abseiling is also available, Under instruction from a supervisor adventurers lower themselves slowly towards the ground with the use of ropes. Safety during the experience is assured by the use of QUICKjump ripcord systems.

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The size of the designated location and your budget are the two key factors to consider when developing your system.

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